Become/Belong uses knowledge of psychology and other disciplines critically to support the wellbeing of individuals and communities in a systemic approach with innovative (arts) interventions, that honours dignity, human rights, democratic participation and diversity. Our international projects use the transformative power of the arts for community development and social cohesion, they use counselling as a tool for individual and collective growth.
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Begegnung zwischen den Jahren. Bewusst. Gesund. Sein. Vorträge und Workshops mit Dipl. Psych. Ina Wolf-Bauwens. Sylt-Keitum, 28.-30.12.2020

Dieses Jahr war für uns alle ein bewegendes Jahr. Wie hat uns dieses Jahr, diese Krise verändert? Was haben wir gelernt? Was sollten wir loslassen? Was für neue Ressourcen gab es zu entdecken? Was ist wirklich wichtig und was bedeutet Gesundheit für jeden einzelnen von uns? Dipl. Psych. Ina Wolf-Bauwens wird in ihren Vorträgen und Workshops diesen Fragen nachgehen und mit uns unsere Erfahrungen reflektieren. Bewusst-Sein kann ein Weg sein, eine Haltung, die es uns ermöglicht, gestärkt aus dieser Krise hervorzugeben.   >> read more

Diverse People Remember
Solomon "Sally" Perel in South Africa in February 2020

Solomon "Sally" Perel was born in Peine, Germany in 1925 to a German Jewish family. He escaped persecution by the Nazis by masquerading as a non-Jewish German. We invite you to three special events to meet and celebrate an extraordinarily courageous man: 15th, 16th and 19th of February 2020 in Johannesburg. >> read more

With Diverse People Remember, Syltfoundation is starting an international long-term community project that aims to share approaches to trauma & reconciliation through storytelling and the arts. Diverse People Remember wishes to plant the seed of reconciliation on an international scale by starting a dialogue about the effects of trauma and enabling historical re-visitation for a more prosperous and democratic future.
Within communities itself a dialogue about different life experiences will be enhanced through storytelling and arts therapies. Afterwards a connection with other communities in South Africa and abroad is crucial for the project to share stories and experiences as knowing ourselves and others supports self-agency and later reconciliation and democratic transformation. >> read more