Lut Latt Soe

Fellow of the Sylt Foundation
Lut Latt Soe is joining the Sylt Foundation's exchange programme Transformation and Identity and taking part in the exhibition "Violent Memories" in Yangon/Myanmar in april 2017.



Objective of my artwork on recent

Words – We, human communicate each other by different languages. Languages are formed by words.

One of the differences between human and animals is ‘thoughts’. We have brains and we think a lot. After we think, we share our thoughts, experiences, knowledges by words.

So, if we have ‘good thoughts’, we can share good thoughts, knowledges and we can build to be a democratic society with good strengths.


Profile of  Ms. Latt Latt Soe (Lut Latt Soe)

Born in Yangon, on August 11, 1971.

Parents are U Soe Thein@ Maung Wun Tha, writer and famous journalist and Daw Myint Myint.

Graduated M.Sc(Physics) from Yangon University in 2000.

Graduated MS. Engineering Physics from Yangon Technology University in 2002.

As a professional Journalist, started in 2001.

critizing on current political conditions.

Wrote many articles about social life of Myanmar People and especially in women critizing on current political conditions.

Published three books which were collected the articles about social affairs.

Recent Responsibilites

-  Excecutive Editor of Thought Magazine. (2001 to till now.)

- Owner of Daung Publishing House.

- Project Director of Center for Myanmar Media Journalism School (CMMD)

  (2012 to till now)

- Editor-In-Chief of The People’s Age Journal (2014 to till now.)

- BOD of the Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) (2014 to till now.)

- Joint Secretary – 2, of the Myanmar Journalists Association (MJA)


Some Art Works

Studied Performance art & Installation art since 2001.

Worked as an artist coordinator in NICA(Nurturing for Initiative of culture and arts,NGO organization) from 2001 to 2003.

Performance art & Installation art in NICA (2003)

Performance Art - collaboration with Thailand Artist in Thai-Myanmar Thanlwin Project (2004).

Performance art & Installation art in 2010. (the gallery which was near Mahasi Yeiktha, don’t remember the name of gallery,)

Performance art & Installation art in Lawkanat gallery in 2010.

Performance art & Installation art in Lawkanat gallery in 2011.

Performance art & Installation art in Alliance Franicas in 2014.

Performance art in The River Gallery in 2015.

Performance Art in My Yangon, My Home Project in 2017.