Ké Su Thar - novelist, artist (Myanmar)

Fellow of the Sylt Foundation
Ké Su Thar is joining the Sylt Foundation's exchange programme Transformation and Identity and is one of the curators of the art exhibition "Violent Memories" in Yangon/Myanmar in april 2017.

Ké Su Thar (born July 29, 1965) is a self-taught and self-educated Burmese artist-cum-novelist, whose formal education ended early in his childhood, and whose writings and artworks are mainly based on the theory of conditionality. He arranged his first solo show "nothing can exist alone" at Lokanat Art Galleries in 2012 and has taken part in some group shows. He writes essays on philosophy of art such as ''Beyond Boundaries'' (Rereading Sol Le Witt's Sentences on Conceptual Art) in Atway Amyin magazine and ''Seen Gradually'' (Study on Minimal Art) monthly essays in Hlaing Thit magazine. He writes ''The Film'' (a novel in English) in BE UNTEXED, a Burma-based online English magazine.

© Ké Su Tharr, art is within conditionality

Statement: Things (sense objects) the artist perceives conditions his or her mind and body. The result is that s/he makes an artwork, which, as a visual sense object, conditions the viewer's mind and body. This process of conditionality has no end. Even this piece is the product of such conditionality.
Size: 36 inches X 36 inches
Art is within conditionality.1
Medium: Mixed medium