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Fellow of the Sylt Foundation
Aung Naing Soe is taking part in the exhibition "Violent Memories" in Yangon/Myanmar in april 2017 which is part of the Sylt Foundation's exchange programme Transformation and Identity.

Aung Naing Soe (b. 1985) is a young Myanmar artist with a B.A. in painting from "University of Art and Culture".

Aung Naing Soe: "I am totally free of any isms and personal cases. Now, I practice the way of the contemporary art. I accept whatever way of painting, isms and forms that can interpret their imagination
and concept. I combine reality with imaginary of my mind. I learn and create my art work from the view
of Buddha`s philosophy and contemplating on nature around me."

© Aung Naing Soe, New Guernica

Aung Naing Soe in an interview about the show In Our Society:

Aung: I named it In Our Society. Now the world becomes a society. Tsunamis in Japans and Shooting in France also affect the same on us like Nargis and disastrous flood we suffered. Nationalities are becoming narrowed and differ only situations.
MK: It is right. Peace of the world is all humans being peaceful. The same result. The same consequence. Ruin of Green ecosystem effect on all human beings. Aung: I would like to show that the mismatches and bullying in my paintings exists in our real society.
MK: By the way, how is the attitude of the nation towards an artist?
Aung: As a matter of fact, an artist is a treasure of a nation. Precious stones and metals don’t exist everywhere and the values of these depend on their age of existence. It is also the same for artists. Artworks are created from skill, experience, knowledge, considerations of the artist. (...)

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