Phnom Penh, 5th to 12th August 2017

Seit drei Jahren besteht ein Austausch bildender Künstler Kambodschas und Südafrikas durch die Sylt Foundation und Sa SA Arts. Khmer Rouge, Bürgerkrieg und UN Zeit haben Kambodscha nicht zur Ruhe kommen lassen. Junge Leute heute interessiert das nicht mehr. Was aber bedeutet das für eine
Gesellschaft, deren Durchschnittsalter heute 27 Jahre ist?

In times of political turmoil and worrisome worldwide relapses into old thought patterns the writer becomes an important seismograph in analysing social change and development, to encourage new ideas and hint at the deeper layers of our societies.
Wars affect communities and families; they influence lives and societies even for the generations to come. Refugees and emigrants have become a global phenomenon and have challenged our perception of identity patterns, the ideas of home and Diaspora. Economic marginalization and the often devastating effects of neoliberalism are important issues of today. How does literature respond to these challenges and how do these world affairs affect the individual, families and their structures, social groups in different cities, regions, countries and in a global context?

German author Matthias Politycki is granted a residency for the whole of August to travel, meet artists and discuss matters of transformation and identity. Many thanks to the Deutscher Literaturfonds for its financial support to make this happen.

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